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General-purpose type with density resolution of 0.01g/cm
3, wight 0.01~300g.
Very simple measuring procedure allows anyone to use easily.
Capable of measuring instantaneously (measurement time: about 10 seconds),
this is the most suitable for the users, who have a number of samples to be
measured, to use.
Capable of measuring specific gravity of floating samples, such as urethane
rubber, plastics, sponge, and wood, in the water.
Result judgments with Comparator Mode is available.
Easy connection to PC with standard equipped Interface (RS232C: 9 pins,
male connector).
Ethanol can be used as a liquid medium with improved Styrol Water Tank.
Measuring the change rate of density.

Indication: Weight in the air; Value of specific gravity ; Volume

Printer AD-8121B: Dot impact type
Airtight windshield: EW-300SG is not equipped with an airtight windshield, which is necessary, in case
measurement may be difficult due to effect of wind.
ISO-related documents: Traceability; Calibration Certificate; Report on of Inspection Results.

Product Name

Electronic Densimeter EW300SG

Density resolution


Scale capacity


Measuring Method

Conform to Pycnometer and Hydrostatic Method


JIS K6268A, former JIS K6350 (Rubber), JIS K7112 (Plastic) etc
ASTM D297-93-16 (Rubber), ASTM D792-00 (Plastic) etc

Power source



(D)218 X (W)190 X (H)170mm / 1.54kg

Kategori : MAKİNE / Labaratuar Test Cihazları

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