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Technical Mechanism

RCD-II Rubber Carbon Black Dispersion Tester is a specialized instrument for the analysis of carbon black dispersion in rubber compound according to the ISO 11345, integrated with the technique of statistics, computerized identification and blurring process. RCD-II adopts design methods of modularization, and is composed of systems of computers, photics, elctronics, digital conversion and measuring software. It is capble of performing functions of automatic ratings, sample image and reference image comparison ratings, agglomerate size and distribition analysis, and the processing of data and distribution analysis, and the processing of data and images. RCD-II is easy to use.


Technical Parameters

Optical amplification rate : 60x

Light angle: 30o

Range of observation: 1.7x1.25mm

İmage sizes : 320x240 pix.

İmage format : BMP

Working power: 220v /2A/50Hz

Kategori : MAKİNE / Labaratuar Test Cihazları

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