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Test Mechanism

RCC-I Rubber Dynamic Cutting Tester uses a special-desinged blade (Cutter) to repeatedly hit the rotating  wheel-like rubber specimens with a certain force. lt is aimed to simulate the situation when the rubber materials hit sharp objects whit substantial force and are cut through, or when the rubber materials are tore apart on rough road surfaces by pulling braking or cutting actions. The testing results are presented in a similar way by the weight difference of the specimen bfore and after the test.

Technical Parameters

Impact frequency: 1, 1.5, 2 ± 0.03 Hz

Impact distance: 48 ± 1 mm

Tip angle of blade: 60o

Edge sharpness of blade: 0.015 ~ 0.020 mm

Edge width of blade: 6.3mm

Static load on the specimen: 475 ± 10g

Specimen size: Φ 50mm x 12mm

Specimen rotating speed: 360, 720, 1080, 1440 ± 1 r/min

Test time:1 ~ 99min adjustable

Working power supply: 220V/50Hz

Size (L/W/H): 560mm/ 370mm/ 350mm

Kategori : MAKİNE / Labaratuar Test Cihazları

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