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MZ-2052 Charpy impact machine(5J)

    Feature and use: It was used for testing impact toughness about rigid plastic board、pipe、abnormity material、build up nylon、glass steel、china、 cast stone insulated material.The machine is exact and beautiful.It suits for GB/T1043《Plastics-Determination of charpy impact strength of rigid materials》and ISO179、ISO9854-1、DIN8078、DIN53453,etc.It's a perfect test equipment in chemical industry and colleges.

Main Parameters:

1、Impact speed: 2.9m/s
2、Impact energy: 0.5J 1.0J 4.0J 5.0J
3、Pendulum beforehand raise angle: 150°
4、Distance between center of strike: 230mm
5、Round angle of impact blade: R0.5
6、Distance of grips: 40 60 62 70
7、Overall dimension: 420mm×250mm×700mm
8、Weight: 105kg

Kategori : MAKİNE / Labaratuar Test Cihazları

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