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MZ-4025 Densimeter

    Features and use: It is used for testing density of rubberplastic or same kind material.You can read directly without weighing and calculating.Simple and convenient operation suits for testing density of material quickly in work shop or research department.It suits for HG4-1468 (Determination of rubber density read directly method) and (Testing method of plastic density and its relative density)


Main Parameters:

1Weight of test piece: 520g
Meter labeling range:
    Density 0.9
2.0 Each scale:0.01g/cm3
    Density 2.0
2.5 Each scale:0.02g/cm3
    Density 2.5
3.0 Each scale:0.05g/cm3
Precision and recurrence: 0.005

Kategori : MAKİNE / Labaratuar Test Cihazları

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